Frequently asked questions

What is "ugly" fruit?

Ugly fruit is fruit that is usually thrown out due to cosmetic reasons. If it’s too small, too large, wrong color, or has a minor scuff, it's thrown away. Even though it’s PERFECTLY good to eat. Who cares what we look like on the outside anway?!

How much fruit is prevented from becoming waste?

Every 8lbs of fresh fruit becomes 1 pound of delicious dried fruit. Each one of our packs prevents 2.5 pounds of fruit from going to waste!

What is the difference between Hello! I'm Ugly dried fruit and other brands?

Most dried fruit is made from fruit specifically grown to become dried fruit. We use fruit that was intended on being sold fresh in stores but was a little too ugly to sit on the shelf. Rather than let it be thrown away, we pay our local farmers to haul it off and turn it into unaltered delicious dried fruit. If you are a regular with eating dried fruit you are aware that some brands insist on using sulfur to preserve the color and moisture of their fruit. We don’t believe in adding anything to our product! You want fruit? You get fruit! :)

Is Hello! I'm Ugly fruit Organic?

While some of the fruit can be organic, most of our product comes from conventional farming methods. There is not as much waste in organic fruit because people that shop specifically for organic products are more open to blemishes and imperfections.

Is the fruit safe ( is it rotten? etc...)

Of course it is safe! Our fruit meets the same FDA standard as the fresh fruit you find in the store. It is never rotten or come in contact with any unsafe fruit. It was just sorted out because it’s looks a little quirky. Rude!

Is Hello, I'm Ugly fruit Vegan?

Yes! Our product is 100% all natural fruit with absolutely nothing added. Hooray for vegan!

Do I need to worry about nut allergens?

At no point is our fruit in contact with any nut varieties. Our facilities maintain the required cleaning processes / sanitizations as mandated by the FDA. You are safe! Unless you are allergic to fruit of course...

What is the serving size?

The USDA has stated the serving size for dried fruit is 40gm. Though you won't be able to put these down so don't pay too much attention to the serving size ;)

Why isn’t ugly fruit taken to a food bank?

It is! Food banks can only take in so much fresh produce. They generally do not have enough refrigeration for so much fresh fruit, so it unfortunately can still get thrown away. Our products come from the leftovers AFTER any donations and other outlets are used. We step in and save it from becoming waste!

Who are we?

Hello, We're Ugly! We prevent food waste by upcycling ugly fruit and transforming them into healthy dried fruit snacks. Our product is 100% natural, with no GMO's, artifical flavoring or additives. Nothing but the fruit! We believe every fruit should be given a chance to be enjoyed even if it looks a little funny. So we dry, dice or slice, and package ugly fruit into conveniently sized snack packs for you! All while preventing food waste and adding value back to our local California farmers. Pretty cool, huh?

How do you add value back to Local California Farms?

Farmers typically have to pay to have their ugly fruit hauled off to be dumped. So instead of paying for it to go to waste, we pay them for the fruit and take it off their hands! No more waste and farmers can still make money off the “ugly” crop. A win-win!

What does Upcycle mean?

Upcycling is a fancy term we use that means to repurpose. We are a company that upcycles fruit that is too ugly to sell in stores. No added preservatives, sulfur, or sugar. The only ingredient is the fruit itself!