Hello, We're Ugly! 

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The Ugly Company exists to prevent food waste and add value back to our family farms.


 Ben Moore 


Hello! I’m Ugly. My name is Ben Moore. I’m a 4th generation farmer from Kingsburg, CA. Over the years, my family and I have farmed everything from stone-fruit, wine grapes, raisins, almonds and olives. We farm both conventionally and organically. I’ve witnessed hundreds of thousands of tons of perfectly edible fruit thrown out at, and around our farm, over the years. Growing up, I always thought fruit getting thrown out because it’s ugly was normal.


I’ve backpacked and traveled across quite a bit of the world, and I came to realize.. the amount of produce we throw out, in the United States, for aesthetic reasons is 100% not normal. The light bulb went off and I felt called to action during the summer of 2017. There was a hurricane in Houston, TX. Then another hurricane shortly after in Puerto Rico. I watched the news and read the reports that people were starving. There wasn’t enough food to go around in Puerto Rico. Just that week, I personally dumped out over 300 tons of edible fruit.


I decided that the world needs to know about this problem. I’m convinced that we can prevent all of this waste if enough people can see and feel what I do, as a farmer, on a daily basis.

This is our Ugly solution. EAT UGLY.


 Mackenzie Hasty 

 VP of Sales & Strategy 


 Jared Ramos 

 VP of Marketing & Design 


 Liz Salazar 

 VP of Operations 

Hello! I'm MacKenzie, Head of Sales and Strategy here at The Ugly Co! 

I've lived in the Central Valley my whole life and have always been surrounded by agriculture, but like many of you, I never knew about this form of waste. We've all heard about food waste, but the amount that was happening in my own "backyard" was crazy! When I had the opportunity to join Big Ugly, (aka Ben), I said yes.


I knew it was an opportunity to change the world and give mother nature some much needed help in creating a more sustainable future. I love being outdoors and hiking, and never feel more myself than when I am surrounded by nature. I respect our environment, and knowing I'm working to end food waste drives me everyday to work harder to provide the world with our Ugly fruit. 

Hey everyone! My name is Jared Ramos. I’m the Head of Marketing here at The Ugly Company. I originally come from the world of Multimedia Marketing, with my primary focuses being graphic design, web design, photography, and videography, as well as an emphasis in multimedia advertising. I have been “professionally” in the field for close to 8 years (that feels weird to say). 


After first learning about Ben’s idea to save “Ugly fruit” from being thrown away, I was immediately drawn in and had so many ideas for a company I didn’t even work for. Like the majority of people who grow up in the valley I wasn’t even aware of the amount of fruit that was thrown away just because of how it looked. I saw limitless potential with where this company could go. Not only could it be a delicious and healthy alternative to snacking but, it could help make a major positive impact on our environment. After reaching out and offering my services I was brought on as a marketing consultant and eventually made Head of Marketing. Fast forward 10 months later and here I am! 


We have had some huge wins as a company over the course of the last year and the growth we see each day is inspiring. Our mission to end food waste gets a little easier with each passing day and it is all because of our customers. Thank you for your contribution to helping our environment.  

Hello everyone! I’m Liz Salazar, Head of Operations here at The Ugly Company, LLC.  


I live in Kingsburg, CA with my wonderful husband of 10 (almost 11) years and our three beautiful daughters. Although I have lived in the Central Valley of California my entire life, I had no idea the amount of fruit thrown out every year for no reason other than its appearance.


My husband is a truck driver in the Ag industry and has hauled “culls” during harvest time since he was 18 years old. It wasn’t until I started working for Ugly that I realized what a cull actually is. I always thought that if fruit was being thrown out, there really was no use for it or it wouldn’t be wasted, right? Boy was I wrong.


I am proud to work for a company whose mission is to prevent food waste through upcycling and creating a healthy yet delicious snack. With the ingredients being just fruit, I can satisfy my snack time cravings or hand it to my kids with a guilt free conscience.


Rylan Carter 

 Regional Sales Manager 

Hello! My name is Rylan Carter and I am the Regional Sales Manager here at The Ugly Company. I have grown up around agriculture my whole life with my family owning some farm land themselves.


As I got into highschool and college I continued my education in Ag. One of my first jobs while still in school was Fruit Quality Control for one of our local Cold Storages. My daily task was to go between 3-5 different packing sheds each day to make sure that "quality" fruit was being packed into our boxes. Minor cuts, bruises, deformities, basically any visible flaw on a piece of fruit was to be thrown in the "cull" line (or if it was lucky it would become a little snack of mine, haha!) 


 My first two years at the cold storage I never thought much about the cull line and just assumed this was a normal process at the sheds but never really asked where that fruit went. Well, one day I was finally informed that this fruit was just dumped out all because of these minor flaws. When I found out exactly how much was dumped out just within our local sheds, I couldn't believe it. So when Ben approached me about working for The Ugly Company, I was all about it. I knew first hand that this fruit was perfectly fine to consume and this was going to be a step forward in preventing this fruit from being wasted.


I'm so stoked to be a part of The Ugly Team and look forward to promoting healthy snacking for an awesome cause!